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If the world could vote …


Have you been to yet?

Quite an interesting insight into what would happen if the world was allowed to vote in the US elections.
Let’s face it, the US wants to control the world so maybe the world should vote on who controls the US?
Despite the results on this site, I sill wonder what the actual election outcome will be. After all, I would have put my money on Al Gore last time … and wouldn’t the world have been quite a different place? (Ed note – I did write this blog entry during the election! It’s just been transferred to a new blog so looks like I’ve just written it. go Obama!)

I saw a documentary on the current election race not long ago and I was sickened by some of the comments people were making.

At one of McCain’s rallys, a middle aged caucasion woman approached McCain on the stand and, right into a microphone in front of thousands of people, said that Obama was an Arab.

  1. No he isn’t
  2. Should it really be insulting to call someone an Arab?
  3. Obama is being targeted for having had associations with “terrorists”. Has the entire state of Texas forgotten about the Bush family’s close association for many years with the Bin Laden family?

Rant over. For now.

Great photo by Brian Hathcock and used from Flickr under the Creative Commons license.

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