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Facebook Governance


Well, in follow up to my previous blog entry about Facebook’s dubious rights …

“we can do anything with your work, even if you delete it”
“we can change the terms and conditions that you agreed to at our own will and without notifiying you”

… it looks like the terms are set to change, and fair enough! I mean just read the above two clauses. How did they think they could do that without any kind of negative feedback?

It turns out, an external party has been brought in to review the terms. This party has created two Facebook groups to allow users to comment and suggest term changes. Not surprisingly, the vast majority were unhappy with Facebook’s right to change their terms at their own free will, and their right to do what they like with user’s photos – even after the user has deleted the photos from their own account.

The proposed new terms state that once the user deletes their photos or removes their account, any rights to use those images are also revoked. In addition, Facebook will have to abide by a “Town Hall” process whereby they will have to state any changes that they would like to make to the terms and these changes will be voted on.

You can vote for or against these terms here.

Results so far are strongly in favour of the new terms … but hey, we haven’t counted Florida’s vote yet 😉

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