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And the "Miss Christchurch" title goes to ….. Auckland!


The Press has announced that the title of “Miss Teen Christchurch” has been taken by a girl from Auckland. Article.

Eh? Apparently, anyone within a set age criteria can enter the competition, irrespective of city of origin.

Does that make sense? Not really. It wasn’t even as if the girl had recently moved from Auckland to Christchurch. She lives in Auckland full time. She actually found out about the competition as she had been called by the “Miss Christchurch” event director and told to come down to enter.

Photo by John Kirk-Anderson for The Press

It seems like the director was aware there weren’t many entrants for the competition and so, instead of improving marketing for the competition in Christchurch (only 50 people came to watch the event), she has called a contact directly and brought them into the competition.

I’m not really a follower of these local pageants and think they belong in the 60s, but when I found out about this story it really appealed to my sense of Christchurch loyalty!

Come on Christchurch! This would never happen in sport.

P.S. Obviously if my wife was in this competition, she would get my vote (Why, yes! She does read my blog!)

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    25/04/2009 11:52 pm

    Please get your facts right before posting…These Beauty Pageants are held all over the country and any girl can enter from any region.
    It is far better show than the next top model NZ…at least these girls have beauty, brains,personality and dance 5 days a week Miss Teen CHCH is not tall,boobless,thin, sick looking girl. They are beautiful,caring,intelligent ladies. Go girls and all the best for your future pageants.

  2. Anonymous permalink
    25/04/2009 11:56 pm

    Both these girls should be Miss New Zealand…a far cry from what we have seen to date.

    Miss Teen Christchurch who also won the swimwear contest is so stunning and a wonderful girl.
    Not catty like NZ Top Model…and she is by far the most prettiest teen I have ever seen.
    She has beauty,brains and a fantastic figure…
    I guess thats what you look like when you a re fit and healthy…

  3. Mark Lincoln permalink
    26/04/2009 9:06 pm

    Thank you to Anonymous 1 and Anonymous 2 for your comments.

    "Please get your facts right before posting…These Beauty Pageants are held all over the country and any girl can enter from any region." <- you've lost me! That's my argument! Surely a Miss "Christchurch" competition should be representative of the talent in Christchurch?

    You've also lost me on comments defending the pageant against NZ Next Top Model … did you actually read the post? I make no comparisons whatsoever to NZNTM, and neither do I make any derogatory comments regarding the winner of Miss Teen Christchurch. I'm sure she was very deserving.

  4. Lauren permalink
    27/04/2009 2:16 am

    I agree…No doubt she is a wonderful young woman and I am sure the caliber of the contestants was very high; but surely the whole point of having a ‘Miss Christchurch’ ‘Miss Auckaland’ etc competition is to award the title to someone of that region? Otherwise it would be like someone coming over from Australia to win Miss NewZealand! Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me!

  5. Mark Lincoln permalink
    27/04/2009 2:41 am

    Good comparison there Lauren. Sums up what I was saying.

    It seems like the first poster was giving a knee jerk reaction to general comments that actually differed wildly from my own point regarding location.

    Perhaps if I’d made an article describing how great NZ’s Next Top Model is compared to the Miss Christchurch pageant, the first poster’s comments would have applied.

    As it stands, it seems they have missed the argument completely whilst also taking the opportunity to say that NZ’s NTM contestants are “boobless and sick looking”. Perhaps they have some other agenda in mind?

  6. Anonymous permalink
    27/04/2009 7:23 am

    i think that the girls from NZ next top model are all fakers, and possible on heroin… only out there to cause a stir and make try make things “interesting” for the public to watch, kind of like WWF, its all fake, but some people like to watch it..
    personally i think you have a great point markus and roland.. it is not fair on the other girls who are from the region, and are trying to furthur themselves, and the organisers are up to jack, why dont they increase the publicity and therefore get more people interested and therfore more entrants, i know of a couple teens who would enter in christchurch, one of them is family, but had no idea that there was a pageant…
    continue writing mark, you make better sense than i do…

  7. Mark Lincoln permalink
    27/04/2009 8:58 pm

    Thank you for your thoughts Anonymous 3, (although I think you have “roland” mixed up with “Lauren) 😉

    That seems to be what it comes down to. I can only speculate, but it looks like there have not been enough entrants for the competition so a girl has been called in from another city.

    I also know little about pageants but would have thought that the “Miss Christchurch” and “Miss Teen Christchurch” titles would go to someone who best represents our fine city’s talent. If the person who best represents that talent is from Auckland … what does that say about Christchurch?

    To put this in terms that people more like myself would understand, it would be like the driver of NZ’s A1GP car, Black Beauty, being driven by a born-and-bred, fair-dinkum, Aussie driver.

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