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Hate of the Day – The Pavement Toll


Cashel Street, in Christchurch, hosts the city’s central pedestrian area. At the moment, a team of road workers are laying down tram-tracks for the revised tram route.

This has helped to heighten a personal hate of mine.

I hate it when people walk out of shop doorways really quickly, right across the general direction of foot-traffic. Usually, they have their heads down, looking in their bag at their new purchase or checking their receipt, and they plough out of the store with no thought for the people walking along the pavement. Ka-BLAM! Pedestrian pile-up!

This has been more obvious recently as the tram works have limited the pedestrian area to a narrow walkway down each side of the street.

Forget the road-toll. I bet there have been heaps of pedestrian casualties. Let’s have a minute’s silence for all those awkward invasions of personal space.

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