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101 ways to rob a bank


There have been a lot of redundancies recently in New Zealand due to the state of the global economy right now. But I think there’s about to be one more forced redundancy. According to The Press newspaper:

A service station owner and his girlfriend, believed to have skipped the country after gaining a multi-million windfall through a bank blunder, may have up to 16 days’ head start on police.

The unnamed couple, believed to be Asian man “Leo” Gao, perhaps in his 30s, and his Kiwi girlfriend Kara (or Cara), Young, have not been seen since a $10,000 business overdraft application was mistakenly loaded as $10 million.

It has been reported that Westpac had recovered $4m, but $6m was missing.

The money was in the account on or about May 5 but it was only on Thursday this week, 16 days later, that police said they were investigating, The New Zealand Herald reported.

So this couple have asked for a $10,000 overdraft … and instead they have been given an amount approximately equal to 2.5 times an NZ national lottery win. Seeing their balance when they next logged into an ATM must have been quite an interesting experience. The good-conscience imp and the bad-conscience imp must have had a jolly good debate as to what to do with the money. In the end, the bad imp floored the good imp with a swift right-handed uppercut and the couple fled the country.

Right now, they’re probably sitting in some penthouse suite in a hotel on a tropical island, wondering how best to hide their new found fortune.

What they should have done it watch the One News report on the event. The news report gave plenty of tips on how best to hide your money from the authorities, even going as far as to point out a number of possible countries where local laws would mean NZ authorities would have a hard time tracking the money.

Good on ya Westpac and One News! I wonder how many people are applying for Westpac overdrafts right now?

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