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Feature Photo – “Le Clio”


Le Clio

It’s not often take I take photos of vehicles. I love cars and the design and style that goes into some beautiful models, but if I see one on the street, I tend to keep my camera in my pocket as I feel a bit invasive of other people’s property if I start snapping away with the camera.

I took this photo of a Renault Clio while heading to the Godley House bar in Diamond Harbour, not too far from Christchurch. One of the main reasons I took it is it seemed to be so out of place amongst the other shabby cars that were around at the time. Plus, it had such a unique number plate.

Personalised number plates in New Zealand are very different to other places, such as the UK. Due to the much smaller population (just over 4 million), it is far easier and cheaper to get your own personalised plate. In the UK, people tend to use numbers that look like letters to keep the cost down, plus they’re actually limited to a lesser number of characters because the UK out-rules numbers or letters that could be mistaken for each other (i.e. I and 1, O and o). New Zealand is very liberal and so people can generally get any plate they desire for a low cost.

It’s common to see a car with a plate similar to II111I1I as the owners believe this will help them disguise their plate when they set off speed cameras.

So anyway, I took this photo, boosted the contrast and the saturation a little and this is the result. As the French would say; voila!

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