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Garrett Holborn will be writing 1 blog post an hour for the next year

Garrett Holborn will be writing 1 blog post an hour for the next year

The WordPress user who just posted a comment on my sunrise picture is a fella by the name of Garrett Holborn. I’ve just followed his links and he is attempting to write a blog post on the hour, every hour for the next year.

Sounds like a pretty mammoth undertaking! I can only assume you’ll be automating some of these to allow you to sleep? Either way, I figured I’d help him draw some traffic to his blog by posting a link on my Twitter account.

I love the way Twitter shows single messages. It seems like an art-form in itself. It turns out he’s on Twitter as well so I’ll follow him on there too. I did a presentation on Twitter usage to non-profit organisations last week, and a large part of that seemed to be taken up with convincing them “following” people on Twitter is not stalking!

Good luck to you Garrett.


This blog has finished! The guy gave up after just under a week, and to be honest … I don’t blame him! Why would you commit a year of your life to updating a blog every hour? It draws parallels with those episodes of Lost where people had to keep pushing a button every 108 minutes (please don’t correct me if I’m wrong about the number of minutes). So yeah, good on ya for trying something different Garrett, and respect for giving up before it consumed your social life!

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  1. ghphoto permalink
    20/06/2009 10:13 am

    It just wasn’t worth it! It was bringing in lots of hits.. but then again I would rather generate good content once in a while and get decent hits, it’s not logical to generate sub-par content every hour in order to rake in as many hits as possible. I don’t recommend anyone try what I set out to attempt.

    p.s thanks for the most mark. hows NZ?

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