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Feature Photographer: Heather Ellis


Heather Ellis PhotographyI’m an avid follower of Heather Ellis’s photography work. Not only because she is a close friend of mine, but because she has a great eye for a picture and has recently been travelling the world and displaying her work on her website and blog:

It’s great to see a New Zealander’s opinion of the world, and Heather does a fine job of portraying the sights and atmosphere of the places she visits through her photographs.

Specialising in portraits and travel, her style is bold and colourful and many of her images have an ambiance that draws you into the frame and you can almost feel like you’re there.

A great advantage of knowing Heather personally is that her partner and my wife have a common bond that can only exist between people who have to put up with photographers on a regular basis! A short walk along a beach turns into an hour long photography exercise. Heather’s partner and my wife can occupy themselves while Heather and I flash away with our cameras.

I hope my work will be as good as yours one day!

Heather’s work is available for viewing and purchase through her site.

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