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2 heads are better than 1. So duplicate your head!


As we progress through the naughties (are we still calling the 2000 to 2009 period the naughties? Did that ever catch on? Let me restart)

As we progress through the decade that precedes the … decade that has the teens in it but they’re not all teens … social media is spiraling almost out of control.

Sites such as Twitter and Facebook have massively increased in membership since their relatively recent creation. I’d give you the figures but they would be out of date in a few months so let’s just say “a big increase”.

Today we can post a Tweet with a link to a Facebook update about a Mashable blog post that someone dugg …

Ok. Crap. My browser froze and now I’ve lost 3 quarters of this post. How about you all just imagine that I’ve written an amazingly witty blog post, perhaps one of my best ever, about saving time in social media by getting twice the exposure with half the effort. I also had a jovial stab at the author of this post for talking about “Facebook Profile Pages” when all good geeks know that Facebook Profiles and Facebook Pages are two different things. Good on ya for confusing the already-confused.

So what was I saying? Oh yeah I lost all the real work I’d done on this post.


I can’t be bothered re-writing it so here’s a quick 10 Step Summary:

1. Set up a WordPress blog.
2. Set up a Twitter account.
3. Set up a Facebook Page.
4. In Facebook, import your blog to your notes page and your Twitter updates to your Facebook status.
5. In your blog, add a widget that displays your Twitter account’s RSS feed.
6. Each time you write a new post, update your Twitter with a link to the blog.
7. Now  your Facebook Page will auto-update itself with your blog post and your Twitter update, thus increasing the exposure of your blog massively without doing any extra work. Your blog will also get updates each time you post a Twitter Tweet Twiglet or whatever they’re called.
8. Have a cup of coffee.
9. And a biscuit.
10. Doodle something.

Ok so 10 Step Summary looked better than 7 Step Summary right? Either way I think I got carried away with the bold button.

If you have trouble with any of the above, leave me a comment and I might be able to help you out so long as I have no cup of coffee currently in progress.

P.S. Here’s a blog tip for ya: Keep clicking that “Save Draft” button or you’ll lose the best piece of prose you’ve ever written. I’m off to go cry somewhere.

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