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Auckland City – Not that bad.

Auckland City Sunrise

Auckland City Sunrise

I’m sure I’m far from being the only South Islander that has bagged Auckland. While working in the corporate training industry, I had visited Auckland for a training expo and had found the road network to be a nightmare.

Since then, all my memories of Auckland have been based around the poor traffic system. For this reason, I wasn’t particularly excited about another business trip up to Auckland’s Search Engine Bootcamp last Friday.

I booked a last minute hotel via The Arena Hotel on Beach Street. And I can honestly say it’s the worst hotel I’ve been in. I actually had to demand to change rooms because my room only had 2 out of 5 working lights and the bathroom was flooded due to a constant leak. The room I was moved to was little better and had a half-used soap and hair in the shower. Nice. “Modern and comfortable accommodation” my arse.

Anyway, I woke up early in the morning and headed along the waterfront to catch the sunrise. I have to say, the waterfront is beautiful. The sunlight was reflecting on all the impressive office buildings and creating a really great early morning ambiance.

Auckland City Office Building

Auckland City Office Building

I had a great stroll around the CBD just as all the morning commuters were heading into work. Unlike them, I was really taking my time and absorbing the surroundings.

Auckland City Waterfront

Auckland City Waterfront

Arriving at the venue early, I carried on a bit further to the … what do you call the area where all the yachts are tied up?? Yacht-car-park. That’ll do.

Not surprisingly in the “city of sails”, there were some amazingly impressive yachts parked around the place. I was told that Michael Hill’s yacht was moored at the time I was there. I’m assuming it was this one:

Michael Hill's Yacht?

Michael Hill's Yacht?

Although personally I think he was out-done by the fine looking beast below. I don’t know a great deal about yachts but I know that length seems to come into it an awful lot, and this thing looked like it was the Ferrari of the yachting world:

Salperton Yacht in Auckland

Salperton Yacht in Auckland

So my morning’s experience, coupled with a really great expo, helped to boost my opinion of Auckland. Despite the terrible hotel I stayed at!

Still, Christchurch would still win in a head-to-head battle.


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