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The Tennessee Poking Massacre



Yesterday, reported that a Tennessee woman has been arrested for poking someone on Facebook.

Ok, so that ‘someone’ had a restraining order against this particular woman but seriously, what is happening to the world? What happened to the good old days of 2008 where you could happily throw a sheep at someone without any fear of legal comeback?

Funnily enough, it appears that the lawyer is taking the case very seriously and is trying to dream up a variety of excuses. reports:

“The only evidence that I’m aware of is a printout of a screen,” said Lassiter, adding that the printed screen grab of the victim’s Facebook page is what led police to determine that the protective order had been breached. “I’m trying to get my hands on some Facebook documentation so we can better assess the situation.”

Information from Facebook could help verify whether the poke came from Jackson’s account or an imposter’s, he said.

It’s like they’re trying to find an alibi. ‘It was someone else!’, ‘You have no evidence!’ Come on! Just report the offense to Facebook and let them deactivate the account.

That or hey, here’s something drastic; why doesn’t the ‘victim’ just remove the person from their friend list? Stalker. Friend. Surely there’s no gray area there?

Only in America, hey?

Anyway. Enough of this. Where was I? Oh yeah. One more time John. Just one more time and I’m hitting that button.

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