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Twitter List Feature

Twitter List Feature Beta

Twitter List Beta

The Red Armband of New Zealand has been carefully selected by Twitter officials to test the beta function of their new list function.

Well … ok we were probably randomly selected and there are likely to be 100,000 others in the trial but hey, we feel special anyway.

So Twitter has this new list thing. Early trials show that we can now create lists, such as “ThisGuyDidn’tPickUpTheTab” and add people that we’ve met for coffee and they didn’t offer to pay. First look shows that those people can’t actually remove themselves from that list. Interesting.

Of course, we at the Red Armband are far too mature for that.

The lists are actually a really handy tool for grouping your Twitter followers. You could use them to create your own ranking system.

For example, Murray of Flight of the Conchords has a chart to classify his friends. The chart ranges from “stranger” to “best friend”. You could create these groups and promote or demote people from one to the other.

Red Armand's Twitter Lists

Red Armand's Twitter Lists. Which one are you in?

You could even provide some extra info on how to apply for promotions – perhaps a “friend” could challenge a “best friend” to a cage fight. Two men enter, one man leaves. The winner joins the new group and the loser gets blocked as spam.


The possiblities are endless.

Oh and quick disclaimer – yes, we know we have hardly any followers. In Twitter terms, we’re that guy at school that hangs around at the edge of the playground and always has something weird in his lunch box. We believe this is because a) we set up the account a couple of days ago and b) just like people weren’t ready for Michael J Fox’s “Johnny Be Good” in the first Back to the Future, the world is not yet ready to recognise the awesomeness of the Red Armband of New Zealand.

However, if you are an exceptional person and you DO recognise are awesomeness, you may follow us by heading to and clicking on follow. Obviously we don’t have to tell you that you need a Twitter account first as if you’re reading this blog, you’re clearly already an intellectual and can work that our for yourself.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. 30/10/2009 1:22 am

    haha, you clever buggers!

  2. 30/10/2009 3:11 am

    Thanks Sheldon. We are now friends.

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