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Christchurch. City of Tyre Smoke.

Christchurch Boy Racers Burnouts

New road markings don't fit with with council regulations

What Makes Christchurch Famous?

Check the video below. Yup, there’s a car in there somewhere. These are the people that I have the unfortunate pleasure of living next to. Is it a coincidence that we also tell them to turn their music down at least once a week? (And we’re no old crones – I’m 27 and my wife’s 24. We just do our clubbing in town).

You may think this looks like fun – when I was 17 I used to do the occasional wheel-spin from a junction. I once got pulled over by the police for going round a round about with my two right wheels actually on the roundabout. But We never did anything that would annoy residents. We had too much respect for our cars for one thing.

You really get over it when this happens about 4 times a week, and usually at 3am. We have to close our windows to stop the house filling up with tyre smoke and we both have to get up early for work. Remember the last time you got no sleep and felt bad all day at work? That’s us most of the time.

Just after this video, a car came up and had to stop in the middle of the crossroads while the smoke cleared. If a car had been crossing the intersection it would have been another statistic pretty quickly.

It’s hard to tell from the smoke filled video but this is a dangerous crossroads. I’ve seen three car accidents here in one year (plus there’ll be others I haven’t seen) and worst of all is the double-trailer petrol tankers that fly around this corner without stopping to get to the petrol depot down the road.

Christchurch Boy Racers in Woolston

Our street a few months ago (click for previous article)

The petrol tanker drivers are almost more dangerous than these guys. Combine the two together and you’ve got one mighty fireball!

If you knew the area, you’d wonder why they didn’t go 1km down the road to a really industrial area with no residential houses at all. I really wouldn’t care if these guys do it somewhere else but at this intersection, they’re right in front of people’s houses. In the first photo you can see the swings in the garden of a family with young kids.

Results That Didn’t Involve the Cops

Today I posted this video on Vimeo (but couldn’t embed it from Vimeo here as WordPress has problems with the code). I then mentioned it on Twitter.

In one hour I had about 12 conversations going involving other Twitter users that were offering me all sorts of support and some of them were even really angry! Most of them were all for calling the cops right then and there (as well as a few suggestions of sabotaging the road!).

As soon as I mentioned the suburb that this was in, another Twitter user sent me a private message mentioning that she knew the guy who was doing it! She got in touch to give them the heads up that they weren’t making the neighbours too happy (although it’s sad that they couldn’t figure this out themselves).

This is a great result. By getting news out there (and I didn’t give the guy’s name or address) to people who can offer help and assistance without having to bring in the authorities. Not in a violent vigilante sort of way but in a “Hey, we know people who can do something about this” sort of way. In this case, it just took one person to send a message to guys doing it.

Of course my first reaction was to go round there but again, we’ve been round there plenty of times about their music and I’ve had enough.

I’d rather I risk the backlash rather than the families with young kids in the area. Everyone has a right to live in their own home in peace.

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