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Christchurch Hollywood Sign - Mark Lincoln

Christchurch Hollywood Sign

After playing around with the Hollywood sign for the WordPress logo competition, I decided to make our own version of the Hollywood sign in Christchurch. Seeing as New Zealand is such a great place for major films these days.

This is basically the view from my window every day (minus a power pole or too). I took this a couple of hours ago at 7pm. The sun is setting behind the Southern Alps of New Zealand and shadows are creeping across the Port Hills.

As the sun goes down they begin to look more and more yellow and can be quite surreal at times. I actually reduced the yellow to make this photo look more realistic than reality!

I had to remove the powerlines from the hills and get rid of the light-post and telegraph lines before I could play around with this. The un-cropped, original colour image is below, followed by the absolute original photo.

Christchurch Hollywood Sign on the Port Hills - Un-cropped

Christchurch Hollywood Sign - Un-cropped and at full saturation

Christchurch Port Hills Original by Mark Lincoln

Christchurch Port Hills Original Photo

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  1. 25/11/2009 1:26 am

    Epic… It looks like it it should be there! Go Mark!

  2. 25/11/2009 2:21 am

    Thanks Heather! Now we just have to get some wood, some scaffolding and some white paint.

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