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The Official World’s Largest Scrambled Egg


Ronald McDonald's Worlds Largest Scrambled Egg

Ronald McDonald: World's Largest Scrambled Egg

  • Sir Edmund Hillary
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Beautiful Mountains
  • Sheep
  • … and now eggs.

New Zealand is known for a few things and now it has an extra notch to its belt.

This morning, crowds gathered in the rain at Christchurch’s Cathedral Square in New Zealand to watch the official weigh-in of what is now the World’s Largest Scrambled Egg at 1.2 tonnes. That or they just came for the free breakfast.


World's Largest Scrambled Egg at 1.2 Tonnes

The scrambled egg used 20,000 free range eggs and was a publicity event to launch McDonald’s use of free range eggs (at participating restaurants). The 20,000 eggs were churned up by McDonald’s chefs using a variety of garden shovels and rakes.



Christchurch Deputy Mayor, Norm Withers, was there to announce the official result (Mayor, Bob Parker is probably watching his figure).

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