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FTW! You’re doing it wrong.


Twitter has a function called “hashtags”. Basically, if you’re talking about an event or a particular product, you mention a word associated with it and put a hash in front. Like #WorldAidsDay.

This means that anyone can click on that word in your tweet and instantly see what other updates are talking about the same topic.

Knowing this, I decided to do a search for #FTW. FTW is a slang abbreviation of either of the terms “For The Win” or “F*** The World”. The first is used when declaring something you’re proud of or excited about. The second is more of a “I’ve just done something awesome” thing, or a “screw you all!” thing. Note that his is not to be confused with “WTF” which means “What the f***??”

Here’s some interesting examples:

How nice is Tweetdeck ftw

So I guess with this one, Kyle is using the ‘For The Win” term in it’s most boring sense. He’s saying “Tweetdeck is nice isn’t it?”. Not sure you can get excited about that but there you go.

Twitter FTW Usage Status Update

This would be referring to the “F*** the world” usage. A bit excessive perhaps? Would you run to the rooftops yelling “F*** you all! I left the heat on!”.

Twitter use by emo teenThis one is … well … actually I have no clue. I ran this through the Google translator and it couldn’t associate this with a language . Perhaps it’s the language of the sort of people that photograph themselves in the mirror?

Twittter FTW search useAnd this one is a good example of how much FTW you can fit into 140 characters. I wonder if she’s saying she’s excited about something or if she’s about to load up her M14 assault rifle and go on a rampage around town?

For an even scarier insight into the minds of the Twitter-verse, check out Tremendous News’ article on the term “OMG YOU GUYS”.

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