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Boy Racer Terrorises Christmas Shoppers


The Hotel So Company Car

Ok not really but while I was taking photos of the Christchurch Sky Lens, my cousin, Doug, called me and said “Meet you outside your office. Grab a camera.” Then rocked up in this great motor!

Doug is currently tasked with driving this mean machine around Christchurch while passing out flyers for Hotel So saying “Why taxi when you can stay at Hotel SO”.

The mini road trip seems to be working well so far. While I stood with him, at least 8 people approached and asked what the story was.

This is reflective of a lot of marketing today. We can pick and choose what interests us and block out anything that doesn’t so people have got to make it interesting.

In this case, instead of walking up to someone and forcing a flyer into their hands, people are actively stopping Doug in the street and taking flyers.

Have fun, Doug. Don’t go using your cellphone while you’re driving that thing.

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