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Check out the zoom on this bad boy …


canon camera powershot zoom test

I got to the office today and noticed a guy walking around outside in a chicken suit next to a woman handing out flyers. Apparently to save money on parking in Christchurch.

I thought that this was enough of a story in itself – what has a chicken got to do with parking? Why did the chicken park the car? Which came first, the chicken or the parking metre? It just doesn’t work.

So I took a photo at almost full zoom on my Canon Powershot S5 IS and was about to post it on the blog when I realised that the image had enough clarity to zoom in even further. I found that I could actually read the 2cm tall text on the flyer that the promo-girl was holding in her hand.

Pretty remarkable really. And now I know that the “EB” thing is all about “Early Bird” parking specials. Right.

I think they were asked to move on because they were right outside EB Games and the management probably didn’t want to be associated with a chicken.

The photos at the top of this article show: Left – the view from my window, Centre – The partly zoomed in photo that I took, Right – zooming in on Photoshop shows you can read the text on the flyer. Impressive.

Note: OK so I took the photo on the left after they had gone so I had to photoshop in a chicken standing in the mall entrance way to show you how far away they were.

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